12 Photos Timed So Perfectly They Became Incredible

Sometimes the most incredible photos you take are the ones that capture the moment you never intended.

The following images are excellent examples of when perfect timing and the right angle combine to create a photograph that is truly unique



1. Breathtaking image of the moon within the olympic rings during 2012 Olympic Games in LondonPerfect Timing 12


[REUTERS/Luke MacGregor]

2. Wait for it..Perfect Timing 1


3. Could try that a hundred times and never catch it againPerfect Timing 2


4. IncrediblePerfect Timing 3


5. WTF.. Hey get back here with my icecreamPerfect Timing 4


6. Who needs wind tunnelsPerfect Timimng 11


7. Too fast for his own feetPerfect timing 5


8.Whoa, dude it was just a joke.Perfect Timing 6


9. I wonder how often he yawns like thisPerfect timing 7


10. That moment when perfect timing meets perfect anglePerfect timing 8


11. And the coolest duck of 2014 award goes to..Perfect Timing 9

Twisted Sifter

12. Public display of their lovePerfect timing 10


With almost every man, woman and child these days carrying some form of portable camera, be it camera, phone, ipod or whatever other device it may be, there is bound to be an increase in these kind of photos, which means the next incredible perfectly timed image might be being taken right now.

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