12 Cartoon Characters and their Incredible Real Life Look Alikes

Look alikes are not an uncommon occurrence by any means, I mean, how many Elvis impersonators are there anyway? I know there are some terrible ones but I have also seen a few who genuinely are almost the mirror image of the king himself and have managed to carve lucrative careers solely off their looks.

The folks in today’s images may find it a more difficult career path as body doubles for animated characters but their uncanny resemblance to their cartoon counterparts is undeniable.

1. Russell from UPCartoon Look alikes, Russell from UP


2. Carl Fredricksen from UPCartoon Look alikes, Carl Fredricksen from UP


3. Consuela from Family GuyLady who looks just like Consuela from Family Guy


4. Boo from Monsters Inc.Cartoon look alikes, Boo from Monster;s Inc


5. Peter Griffin from Family Guy.cartoon look alikes, Peter Griffin from Family Guy


6. Meg Griffin from Family Guy. Cartoon Look alikes, Meg Griffin from Family Guy


7. Granny from cartoons featuring Tweety and Sylvester.cartoon look alikes, Granny from Tweety Cartoons


8. Bobby from King of the Hillcartoon look alikes, Bobby from King of the Hill


9. Andy from Toy Storycartoon look alikes, Andy from Toy Story


10. Ned Flanders from The Simpsonscartoon look alikes, Ned Flanders from The Simpsons


11. Mario and Luigi.cartoon look alikes, Mario and Luigi


12. Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouillecartoon look alikes, Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouille


(H/T JustSomething.co)

Of all these incredible images, number 12 is probably my favorite, purely for how closely he resembles Alfredo. Which is your favorite?

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