12 of The Best Ever Animal Photobombs

I am sure we all have at least one photograph that could possibly have been one of the best ever taken of us if not for “that guy”.

You know who I mean, the guy who just can’t resist lurking in the background as a picture is about to be taken, then at the last moment throws his arms in the air and pull some stupid face that even he never knew possible.

Well today’s 12 animal photobombs show us that “that guy” is not uncommon across the animal kingdom as critters of all shapes and sizes seek to photobomb our favorite shots

1. Say Cheese….Aw Crap. animal photobomb 1


2. I don’t mean to alarm you, But Run!!animal photobombs 2


3. “Hey, did you get me?”animal photobomb 3


4. Holy SHARK!!!animal photobomb 4


5. Pretty sure it’s a new species. animal photobombs 5


6. Sometimes timing is everythinganimal photobomb 6


7. Hey Human! Get outta my shot!animal photobomb 7


8. Not creepy at all..animal photobomb 8


9. “Just move over a little, thanks mate”animal photobomb 9


10. They are cute enough to eatanimal photobomb 10


11. Um, excuse me can you guys please move, I am getting my picture taken hereanimal photobomb 11


12. “Stand beside the camel” he said, “It’ll be fine” he said.animal photobomb 12


Limiting this list to just 12 was a near impossible task and some great contenders missed out. We would love to know about any spectacular animal photobombs that can’t believe didn’t make the cut in the comments below

Do you have a precious moment with “that guy” in the background? Hit the share button below. You are not alone.