12 Incredible DIY Projects You Can Make From Things You Throw Away

These cool D.I.Y projects are made using stuff you would normally throw away, it is time to stop and think if you are about to throw away and if they could be repurposed, who knows they could be a potential masterpiece.

In the meantime it is definitely worth giving these incredible upcycling projects a go.

1. A Beautiful Handcrafted Rock Vase.Handcrafted rock vase made from a pringles tin


That’s right, this beautiful vase from a Pringles tube. Instructions here

2. Golden Honey Bear Vases.Golden Honey Bear Vase


You can make your own little golden honey bear vases, Let Elsie and Emma show you how.

3. These frightfully cute pencil holders were once shampoo bottles!Cute monster pencil holders made from old shampoo bottles

google.com | via usefuldiy.com

This is a truly ingenious idea and they are just so cute. The best part is you can make them for yourself with easy to follow instructions here

4. Turn toilet rolls into cute jewelry for kids.Toilet rolls are now in fashion


Sure, rainbow loom may be all the rage right now but I am pretty sure toilet roll bracelets could catch on, may need a better name though…Instructions here

5. These clever coin purses are made from recycled juice cartons!incredibly clever coin purses made from recycled juice cartons


See how they are made here.

6. Turn a boring soda bottle into something truly adorableadorably kitty planters made from old soda bottles


You can download a printable kitty template here.

7. Blown light bulbs become hot air balloon art.Blown lightbulbs become hot air balloon art


Step by step images here. Unfortunately written instructions are in Hungarian.

8. The holder for charging cell phones that you know you need!Ingenious holder for charging cell phone made from discarded lotion bottle


Of all the recycled DIY projects in this list, this one is my favorite. Purely because I need it so badly. My phone literally sits on the floor near the spare outlet we use for charging our phones. You can follow the instructions here to make your own.

9. Chalkboard spice jars from old baby food jars.Awesome chalkboard spice jars made from baby food jars


Chalkboard spice jars are incredibly cute but can be so darn expensive, you can save up to 75% by making them yourself. See how here.

10. Turn empty cereal boxes into cool mini piñatas.turn empty cereal boxes into adorable mini pinatas


These mini piñata’s will add some flare to any occasion and they are sure simple to make! Learn how here.

11. Give wine bottles a second life as drink tumblersrepurpose old wine bottles by turning them into tumblers


Repurposing wine bottles as tumblers is easier than you may think with the right tools. Find out here

12. Make a recycled wine bottle torch.Recycled wine bottle torch


Learn how to create your own intimate outdoor lighting from an old wine bottle here.

How many of these DIY materials are your friends throwing to the trash? Share these fantastic ideas with them using the buttons below so they can get started on their own projects today.