12 of the Cutest Little Critters You Will See Today.

**WARNING** The following images are adorable in nature and should not be viewed anyone trying to maintain a scowl

Today’s list features 12 adorable photo’s of baby animals that are sure to bring a smile to your face, no matter what kind of day it has been.

And now, in no particular order..

1. Alaskan Malamute puppiesalaskan malamute puppies

image – Hanna Maria

2. Cute little monkeycute little monkey

image – Sonja Probst

3. Absolutely adorable baby owlcute baby owl

image – Mandi & Stacie

4. Kitten wishes he were a lioncute mini lion kitten

image – Ben Torode

5. Happiest and tiniest turtle evercute little turtle

image – Unknown

6. Oh how I want this little baby orangutanBaby orangutan

image – chin Boon Leng

7. Baby hedgehogBaby Hedgehog

image – Beatriz Pacheco

8. How cute is this cheeky monkeycheeky baby monkey

image – Indre Viseckaite

9. This baby javan slow loris is just too cuteBaby Javan Slow Loris

image – Irawan Subingar

10. And the best hairstyle award goes to…baby elephant

image – William Albert Allard

11. Baby Gecko – Look Mom I can lick my eyebaby gecko

image –  S├ębastien Del Grosso

12. And finally this adorable wet fox cubcute wet fox cub

image – Ivan Kislov

Well those little guys sure did brighten my day a little, how about you? For more pictures just like these head on over to OneBigPhoto.com and have a look around

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