12 Awesome Rainbow Loom Creations That Go Way Beyond Bracelets

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It seems as though the Rainbow Loom craze is only gaining momentum, as everyday people are coming up with awesome rainbow loom creations that have not been seen before.

Every kid I know seems to have at least one piece of rubber band jewelry, and in the case of my daughter….well let’s just say I am really glad they aren’t tattoo’s, since they seem to run from wrist to elbow on any given day.

Today’s 12 images move away form the rubber band jewelry we are all to familiar with and take Rainbow Loom to the next level, showing what incredible creations can be made when these simple rubber bands are combined with a creative mind.

Now, in no Particular order….’

1. Rainbow Loom Stuffed Toys

There is a growing number of patterns and tutorials beginning to appear online for looming stuffed animals. This Eeyore toy is just one stunning example. Eeyore Rainbow Loom

image – Trudy Angliss

2. Jimmy Kimmel’s Suit Of The Loom

This could be the single most significant Rainbow Loom creation to date, the suit started out with late night host Jimmy Kimmel asking his viewers to send in loomed creations with the specific intention of creating the suit.

The creation of the suit brought the late night host in touch with 7 year old Max Wilford aka. SuperMax who is bravely battling brain cancer.

SuperMax was raising funds to help other children fighting the devastating disease with a Loom project of his own. Check out the video below for more details on SuperMax’s cause.

Jimmy Kimmel Rainbow Loom Suit

Jimmy Kimmel Rainbow Loom Suit 2

SuperMax’s Loom-A-Thon 2September 14, 2014

Loom-a-thon 2


3. Rainbow Loom Purses and Handbagspurple rainbow loom purse

image – Angela Martin

rainbow loom purse

image –Etsy

4. How To Train Your Dragon

This is what results when two crazes collide. Creative loomers are amassing collections of these “How to Train Your Dragon” themed loom band creations. Courtney Nicole has a large number of tutorials for these figures on her Youtube channel.How to Train your dragon Rainbow Loom

image – Nancy Koevoets-Donselaar

How to Train Your Dargon Rainbow Loom

image – ViralVortex.com

5. Murals and Art

The wolf picture below is possibly my favorite mural to date, but the rapidly growing number of murals being created each and every day could change that very soon.Rainbow Loom Art

image – Coupon Cindy

Rainbow Loom Mona Lisa

 image – Wilde About Looming

6.Cookie Jar Cozy

I absolutely love this idea.Cookie Jar Cozy Rainbow Loom

image – Denise James

7. Watches and Watch Bands

Give old watches a second chance at life by replacing the band with one made from loom bands, or if you don’t have an old watch Loomey Time has you covered.Mickey Mouse Watch Rainbow Loom

 image – Marsha Henderson

Loomey Time Watch

image – Maria Siccita

8. Incredible Rainbow Loom DreamcatcherLoom Band Dreamcatcher

image – Sarbear Taylor

9. Making Everyday Items a Little More Awesome.earphone covers

 image – Tam Kit Ying

 Rainbow loom thongs

image – Cindy Golz Bahr

10. Rainbow Loom Flower Baskets and DecorationsFlower Basket Rainbow Loom

image – Dawn Hilobuck

 Forever Springtime - Awesome Rainbow Loom Creations

image – Daniela Nunes

11. FootwareRainbow Loom Footware

image – Sonya&Co

12.  Bracelets….

I know.. I said beyond bracelets, but some of the designs being created right now are taking rainbow loom itself to new heights. And lets face it Bracelets are really cool anyway. Bracelet Rainbow loom 12 things

image – Made By Mommy

There are countless awesome rainbow loom creations complete with tutorials available on youtube and a thriving Rainbow Loom community over at facebook that you should definitely take a look at if you haven’t already.

Hit the share buttons below to share these incredible Rainbow Loom creations with your friends and tell us which of the projects above is your favorite in the comments section below.